CLEX is walking towards change with its panel pledge.

CLEX Chief Investigators have taken the Panel Pledge and encourage all members of the centre, and our partners, to join us.

By taking the panel pledge we strive to increase the visibility and contribution of women leaders in public and professional forums. 

To honour this pledge our CIs will:  

  • Only to agree to speak at events if they include a diversity of speakers
  • Raise issues of gender balance
  • Actively encourage women’s voices
  • Not accept any excuses

You can read more about the Panel Pledge here. (pdf)

Further, the Centre as a whole is committed to providing an outstanding work and study environment that is inclusive, healthy and respectful.  We strive to be an exemplar in tackling inequality and systemic challenges faced by women and other under-represented groups in science. All centre events aim for gender parity and represent cultural diversity.

You can read more about our centre equity plan here. (pdf)