Introduction: Explain the reason for the research using the “And, But, Therefore” format used by Nature. This is a narrative approach developed by marine biologist/screenwriter Randy Olsen in his book Houston We Have a Narrative.

It takes the format: We know this AND this, BUT here is the problem. THEREFORE we have done the following.

Body and conclusion: Following this we go into a plain English summary of the method/approach and then conclude with what we found and what this means for the community (scientific or otherwise) or what the next steps may be as a result of this research.

You do not have to restrict this to a word count. It can be as long or short as is required to understand the research. 

If you have any figures that you might want to go with the story, just send them along as an attachment. I will also find a stock image to go at the top of the piece, so this is not vital. That said, particularly good figures may also end up in our annual report.

As soon as you send the research brief through it will be uploaded and a scheduled a range of tweets about the paper will be prepared to go across multiple time zones.