As part of its graduate program the Centre of Excellence is running a series of scientific paper writing workshops.  The workshops are facilitated by Dr Peter Rothlisberg from CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, and co-facilitated by CoE researchers. Dr Rothlisberg has run successful workshops at many universities, CSIRO and the Antarctic Division.

The workshops are a 3-day learning-by-doing event with around 25% instruction time and the rest working on a real journal paper with support from peers and mentors.

As participants will be working on a paper, the workshops will be of most benefit to those who have completed analyses to write up.

Please note that places for each workshop are limited and priority will be given to students who are further on in their candidature.

Applications are open to both students and postdocs.

Upcoming workshops

During COVID components of the workshop will be offered virtually. Please keep an eye on the weekly update for upcoming sessions. 

Please complete the application form below.